Choctaw Indian Author & Leather Artist
A SkyHawk Grandfather Blessing

May your days be filled with cloudless sky's so you may enjoy the wonders of
nature that the Great Spirit has spread before you.

May your nights be full of stars in the sky to bring wonders to your mind, love in
your heart, and spiritual awareness to soothe your soul.

May your life be filled with joy and the happiness that comes with the presence of
the Great Spirit in your mind to give you comfort and lift your burdens.

May your mind be filled with gladness, your heart filled with joy, and your soul
filled with peace as you walk with grace upon a path of truth, beauty, and
The Author Otis D. Ritch
The Great Spirit has send the challenge from the nuclear island in the geographic
center of all creation whereon he abides.  "
Be you perfect, even as I am perfect."
In the 10 book SkyHawk spiritual adventure series I wrote there is a formula
whereby you can gain that perfection while you are still here on Earth.  The books
are all fast paced, exciting adventure stories and the reader won't want to put the
book down until it is finished.